PWDCTC Annual Picnic & Water Primer

It's time for our annual picnic and Water Fun Day! Please bring a dish-to-share, a chair for yourself and water gear and a crate for your dog. PWDCTC will provide meat for grilling, plates and utensils. Bring a cooler if your dish needs to be served chilled.

Bring along your dog or dogs so that they can join the fun. A crate is highly recommended. Parking is not very close to the picnic area and you do not want to leave your dogs in vehicles. Please remember to clean up after yourself and your dog.

Club merchandise will be on hand for purchase. If you don't see your size or color, we can order it! Long lines and other water training equipment will also be available.

All dogs should be on a leash or long line when working. Dogs not working should on a leash no longer then 6 feet or kept in a crate. No Flexis please.

Water Fun and Water Primer

The PWDCTC Water Fun Day is for all club member dogs to get a head start on water training. No boats, but there is room on the beach for dogs of all levels to participate in swimming and retrieving for fun.

  • Experienced club members will be available to advise novice handlers on how to teach your dog the various elements of each exercise.
  • Bring your own water gear, or use practice gear we provide.
  • Gear will be available for sale if you would like to make a purchase.
  • For information on PWDCA water work and water trials, please visit the PWDCA web site water work page.

Date & Time:

Sunday, May 21, 2017
12:30 – 4:30 pm


Antlers Park, Lakeville, MN


12:30 Unloading & Set up
1:00 Water Primer
2:30 Grills ready for grilling and food ready for eating
3:30 General meeting
4:30 Clean-up


Free for members

Any Questions?

contact Chuck

Water gear to bring:

  • Long line
  • Harness
  • Retrieving dummy
  • High value training treats ---something special for water training
  • If you decide to give the water a try, you might want to bring water shoes, wet suit and towels!

Other things to bring:

  • A dish to share
  • Chair
  • Hat & Sun Screen
  • Swimsuit and/or a change of clothes (if you get wet)
  • Towels for you and your dog
  • Crate
  • Water dish & water for your dog
  • Poop bags
  • 6 ft. leash